• Facebook number filter recommendation

    In Facebook marketing, it is necessary to obtain the customer’s Facebook account and add Facebook friends. Among them, Facebook user screening can save you a lot of time and energy. Let me introduce the Facebook number filter for you .

    HiSeven News January 30, 2023
  • How to quickly obtain WhatsApp user numbers and accurately market WhatsApp users?

    How to quickly acquire WhatsApp users and conduct precise marketing?
    Use WhatsApp marketing tools to quickly acquire accurate users, one-stop precision marketing drainage
    1. Accurately specify regions and industries to generate whatsapp user numbers in batches
    2. Quickly screen highly active and high-quality WhatsApp mobile phone users…

    HiSeven News January 30, 2023
  • Crawling LinkedIn Pages in 2022

    Is crawling LinkedIn public pages legal?
    Yes. Crawling LinkedIn public pages is legal. LinkedIn Public pages are made public on the internet; access to them is open and available for everyone. Proxy Crawl’s primary purpose is to make public data reachable to everyone anywhere in the world.
    Access to public data is a right and shouldn’t be denied to anyone; moreover, LinkedIn users explicitly make their profiles public for anyone to see.

    HiSeven News January 30, 2023
  • How to Filter Tweets by a User on Twitter?

    How to filter tweets by a user on Twitter?
    Twitter has started rolling out an update to its mobile app that adds a new search option at the top of the screen when you access someone’s profile on the platform. This option will help you filter tweets from this person by letting you look for keywords from any of their tweets. The new feature can be used to search for tweets made on a specific subject by someone or to dig up old tweets from someone you know.
    With the rollout of this feature, you can avoid using the app’s advanced search tool which offered the same functionality but required you to type “from: ” every time you wanted to search for someone’s tweet.

    HiSeven News January 29, 2023
  • WhatsApp Blast Message: WhatsApp Blaster For WhatsApp Blast Message

    WhatsApp Blast (Cara Blast WhatsApp) service is a type of communication and distribution used to draw in, hold onto, distribute, and conduct advertising campaigns for a particular good or service for a business.
    WhatsApp Blast message is used by Small and big business owners to target the users of the market and effectively convert them via promotional message.

    HiSeven News January 29, 2023
  • Is It Possible To Scrape LinkedIn?

    It is no secret that LinkedIn is a professional platform that houses executives and employees of different companies. In other words, irrespective of the B2B sector you are working on, you will find your target audience on LinkedIn.
    Therefore, LinkedIn is a gold mine for finding lead generation. If you aren’t using it’s scraping, you are missing out on plenty of opportunities. Let us now dig deeper to know more about this.

    HiSeven News January 28, 2023
  • How to Scrape Twitter Data?

    The simple, structured format of Twitter and its various posting functions makes it relatively easy to navigate and scrape.
    Scraping Twitter can yield many insights into sentiments, opinions and social media trends. Analysing tweets, shares, likes, URLs and interests is a powerful way to derive insight into public conversations.

    HiSeven News January 27, 2023
  • WhatsApp number generator

    WhatsApp is registered through the mobile phone number. As long as you know the mobile phone number of the other party, as long as the other party has registered WhatsApp through the mobile phone number, then you can directly add the other party without verification. Because of this situation, WhatsApp has attracted a large number of foreign trade sellers Do marketing on it.

    HiSeven News January 27, 2023
  • How To Send Bulk Whatsapp Message Without Adding Contact?

    There are quite a few ways to do this. A way to do this is by creating a group and adding all the recipients to the group. Then, send the message to the group. Another way is to create a broadcast list and add all the recipients to the broadcast list. Then, send the message to the broadcast list.

    HiSeven News January 27, 2023
  • LINEBOT: Create Auto Response Message

    LINE has become a common communication channel for merchants, but sometimes it is troublesome to manually respond to reservation messages~ TinyBook will tell you this time how to set up LINE’s automatic response messages to help reservation operators save more time!

    HiSeven News January 27, 2023
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