• Crawling LinkedIn Pages in 2022

    Is crawling LinkedIn public pages legal?
    Yes. Crawling LinkedIn public pages is legal. LinkedIn Public pages are made public on the internet; access to them is open and available for everyone. Proxy Crawl’s primary purpose is to make public data reachable to everyone anywhere in the world.
    Access to public data is a right and shouldn’t be denied to anyone; moreover, LinkedIn users explicitly make their profiles public for anyone to see.

    HiSeven News January 30, 2023
  • Is It Possible To Scrape LinkedIn?

    It is no secret that LinkedIn is a professional platform that houses executives and employees of different companies. In other words, irrespective of the B2B sector you are working on, you will find your target audience on LinkedIn.
    Therefore, LinkedIn is a gold mine for finding lead generation. If you aren’t using it’s scraping, you are missing out on plenty of opportunities. Let us now dig deeper to know more about this.

    HiSeven News January 28, 2023
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